Hunger. Disease. Hopelessness. Poverty. It’s acts of love — specifically the way we love God and each other — that can UNDO many of the problems in our world. That’s why Michael Boggs and Feed the Children need you. Together, we can undo what Jesus would, one child at a time.

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Click here to download What Would Jesus Undo. We can't start the download on your device, but you can email yourself a link. The song is also available for free streaming on Spotify, and for sale at the iTunes Store. Please share this page with your friends!

Michael Boggs

A message from Michael

We’ve all heard the question “what would Jesus do?”, but with the help of a friend I began to wonder “What Would Jesus Undo?” That led to my song and my partnership with Feed the Children. I believe hunger is something Jesus would UNDO.

Here are 3 things you can do to make a difference right now:
  1. 1 Download the song What Would Jesus Undo? and share it!
  2. 2 Share! Use Facebook or Twitter to share this site and song with your family and friends, or share the study materials with your church or small group. And help us get the word out about the song by joining our Thunderclap.
  3. 3 Help UNDO HUNGER, DISEASE and HOPELESSNESS for one child.

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